Celebrating International Women’s Day

Imagine being thrust into your spouse’s job on virtually a moment’s notice. Unless you both worked in the same office or profession, you’d probably have no idea where to begin.

Also imagine that your spouse wasn’t just another corporate cog, but the owner of a company with more than 70 employees. Then add the most painful detail: You’re in this position because your spouse has just died.

Now imagine thriving in that situation. Sound improbable? Lilo Adams would tell you otherwise.

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Readi to Craft: Lighthouse


What type of house weighs the least? A lighthouse! In this Readi to Craft you’ll learn how to make your own foam board lighthouse.

The materials you will need are;

Readi-Board Foam Board

Hobby Knife

Utility Knife (Optional)

Acrylic Paint

Polyurethane Varnish

Faux Tealight Candle

White Glue

Masking Tape

Ruler or Straight Edge


The template is available below;

RTC Lighthouse Template

Exciting Readi-Board News

We are proud to announce our two new premium content series; Test Tuesday and Readi to Craft.

Ever wonder how well wood glue works on Readi-Board foam board? Have a project that needs a little more color but not sure what paints will do the job? Each week in Test Tuesday we will explore how materials ranging from glue to paint react with our foam board.

If you follow us on Twitter you’ve probably already seen some of the interesting things that can be created with foam board. With our Readi to Craft video series we will show you exactly how to make some of those crafts at home.

Connect with us on Twitter to stay up to date on all our crafts and product announcements.

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Enhanced R-Value: POLYCORE 5000

R.L. Adams Plastics is pleased to announce our latest product innovation – POLYCORE 5000 with an improved R-value….R2.5.  The increased R-value offers more opportunities in the residing and new residential markets.

POLYCORE 5000 is a ½” x 4’ x 24’ bundle (equivalent to three 4’ x 8’ sheets) and can be carried by one contractor over their shoulder verses the cumbersome movement when trying to carry just one 4’ x 8’ sheet typically found in today’s market. This product also does not contain fire retardants.

We expect contractors will find many benefits for using POLYCORE 5000 for their residing and new residential projects.

POLYCORE 5000 R2.5 is only available in gray colored foam.

Find out more here!

RL Adams Plastics Introduces House Wrap Alternative

Why do typical Building and House Wraps have to be made from flimsy, paper-like materials? Why does installation have to be a hassle? Why can’t typical house wraps offer the contractor and homeowner more than simply being a paper-thin “barrier”?POLYCORE Building Wrap

RL Adams Plastics continues to change the conversation with innovative ways of improving outdated products and techniques.  We are introducing POLYCORE Building Wrap, part of the new Adams Home Barrier System. POLYCORE Building Wrap offers the benefits of a premium house wrap, and enhances it with more strength, 1.0 R-value, gasket formation around doors and windows, and single-person installation. POLYCORE Building Wrap lays flat and won’t tear and flap in the wind.  It doesn’t require the added time, money, and hassle of bringing in an additional sub-contractor to install.

Click here for a COMPARISON CHART comparing POLYCORE Building Wrap to the competition.


Tri-Layer Make-up

  • Foamed polystyrene sandwiched between two layers of polystyrene films
  • Thickness: nominal ¼” with actual of 0.210”
  • 4’ x 48’ bundles, folded into 4’x 2’ x 5” units for easy single-person carrying and installation
  • Bundle weight: approx. 11 lbs.

Contact us for more information and to increase your quality offerings for 2016!

Readi-Board Now Available on!

Our world-renowned Readi-Board foam board is now available for purchase on Amazon.  After much intensified interest for single case, direct-to-house shipment for Domestic and International consumers, we are happy to be able to better serve these users.  Readi-Board is eligible for Free Shipping as well as Amazon Prime free two-day shipping.

Product offerings available on Amazon are:

  • 20” x 30” x 3/16” in white, black, and 11 colors in 25 count boxes
  • 36” x 48” x 3/16” Tri-Fold Presentation Board in white and black in 18 count boxes

Thanks for your continued support of Readi-Board, and happy crafting! Order Here!

Readi-Board Foam Board

Industry News: RL Adams Plastics introduces the new Home Barrier System

RL Adams Plastics introduces the new Home Barrier System….the Builder & Remodeler’s Choice for house wrap alternative.


PC 2000 New Construction


Recently Eco Homes in Indiana used the new POLYCORE 2000 Home Barrier fanfold in lieu of standard house wrap, and the results were pleasing not only to the home owners eyes but also labor savings realized by the contractor. This new approach offers less cumbersome installation typical of 9’ house wrap rolls and eliminates the need for a subcontractor associated with the installation and purchase of house wrap on a job site. The additional benefits range from offering an R-value and creates an air/water gasket performance at penetration, as well as around windows and doors during installation. Please visit the RL Adams Home Barrier System tech sheet for more details, and see what the future holds for exterior home barrier systems.


R.L. Adams Plastics Inc. Rewarded for Energy-Efficiency

Consumers Banner


R.L. Adams Plastics Inc. Receives $63,000 Rebate

 for Energy-Efficient Company Expansion

WYOMING, Mich., June 12, 2015 – A family owned Wyoming manufacturer is saving energy and money with improvements to its expanded warehouse, resulting in an energy efficiency incentive payment of more than $63,000 from Consumers Energy.

Karl Adams, general manager of R.L. Adams Plastics Inc., received a ceremonial $63,272  rebate check this week from Consumers Energy during a presentation at the company’s new 100,000-square-foot warehouse, part of its complex at 5955 Cross Roads Commerce Parkway.


“Using energy-efficient building materials and processes, our new warehouse will save us tens of thousands of dollars in energy costs annually,” Karl Adams said. “It has been great working with Consumers Energy to achieve these savings.”

R.L. Adams Plastics, Inc produces state of the art foam products for retail, distribution, and professional sales channels.  Its three main industries include food service, building products and arts and crafts.

“Helping companies like R.L. Adams Plastics save money while growing their business is our Promise to Michigan, and we’re pleased they have been an active participant in the energy efficiency program,” said Teri


VanSumeren, Consumers Energy director of energy efficiency solutions. “Using less electricity helps customers save money, promotes economic development and allows Consumers Energy to fulfill our Promise to Michigan.”

Consumers Energy’s energy efficiency programs have helped Michigan homes and businesses save more than $855 million since 2009.


Consumers Energy, Michigan’s largest utility, is the principal subsidiary of CMS Energy (NYSE: CMS), providing natural gas and electricity to 6.6 million of the state’s 10 million residents in all 68 Lower Peninsula counties.


 Media Contacts: Roger Morgenstern, 616-530-4364 or Brian Wheeler, 517-788-2394


The Bucket Test: XPS vs EPS Fanfold

Below is the second video in our polystyrene fanfold education series. This video illustrates the benefits of using extruded polystyrene (XPS) over expanded polystyrene (EPS). We invite you to try the simple test on your own as the effects of water on each product may be difficult to see in this video. Remember- water permeation can turn into mold.


Fanfold Comparisons with RL Adams Plastics, Inc.

Below is an educational video for homeowners, contractors, and buyers to properly understand the characteristics of the various polystyrene fanfold offerings available in the marketplace. We provide the facts, and you make the decisions! Curt VanDyke is our Director of Product Development and Building Products.


Industry Announcement

R.L. Adams Plastics, Inc. and The Dow Chemical Company is pleased to announce our newest product offering, POLYCORE 5000. This new product will offer several advantages in the residing and new residential markets.

POLYCORE 5000 is our first 1/2″ product offering and comes in a 1/2″ x 4′ x 24′ bundle faced on both sides with a special polyethylene blend film. Designed to be the equivalent of three 4′ x 8′ sheets, one bundle can easily be carried over the shoulder by a contractor. Comparing this to the task of carrying one cumbersome 4′ x 8′ sheet illustrates the convenience and efficiency POLYCORE 5000 will provide.

This product does not contain fire retardants and is not targeted for use in the commericial side of the industry. We expect contractors will find many benefits for using POLYCORE 5000 for their residing and new residential projects. POLYCORE 5000 is available in Dow blue or POLYCORE beige colored foam.

Orders are now being accepted.

Did You Know?

Did you know that our Black Readi-Board works great with chalk? Try it out! It can be an inexpensive way of adding flare to any project or keeping your kids busy for hours.


RLAP Scores “Excellent” in GMP Audit

On December 1, 2011 RL Adams Plastics participated in its annual ASI Food Safety Audit and received a rating of 96.53% and a mark of “Excellent.” This year was Adams’ third year participating in the audit and they received an “Excellent” rating all three years.

RL Adams’ rating of excellence recognizes that their facility was found in an audit by ASI Food Safety Consultants to have a high level of food safety, exemplified by excellence in conditions and in programs for food safety management. The ASI Food Safety certification lasts a full year.

Building Products Industry Announces New Program

R.L. Adams Plastics, Inc. in partnership with The Dow Chemical Company is pleased to announce we are now offering direct access to Dow underlayment brands. R.L. Adams Plastics, Inc. will be the exclusive and direct source for your underlayment product needs, providing direct sales, service, and order management. Along with this direct sourcing change, we are implementing an improved product quality and value pricing strategy effective February 2012. R.L. Adams Plastics, Inc. is committed to growing our underlayment business and continuing to uphold the integrity of the Dow brand name. We look forward to servicing your needs.

For questions, product literature, and rep agency contact information please contact:


Curtis VanDyke

Director of Product Development and Building Products

616-261-4400 Phone



RL Adams Scores “Excellence” Four Consecutive Years

On December 6th, 2012 RL Adams Plastics, Inc. participated in ASI’s Food Safety audit. For the fourth consecutive year RLAP scored a rating of “Excellence”, maintaining their astounding cleanliness and professionalism in the workplace.

ASI Food Safety Consultants recognized RLAP’s facilities to have a high level of food safety, exemplified by excellence in conditions and in programs for food safety management.  This was RLAP’s fourth year participating in the facility audit.

Readi-Board Art Project

RL Adams Plastics partnered with Walker Charter Academy for their end of the school year art project. RL Adams Plastics donated a variety of foam boards from their Readi-Board line to Ms. Turnbull’s class at Walker Charter Academy of Walker, Michigan to be crafted, painted, decorated, and sculpted. The project was centered on an artistic display of emotions. Judging by the outcome of the students’ work, the project was a great success. RL Adams Plastics thanks Ms. Turnbull and her students for their work.

Christmas Charity Event at Adams

It’s that time of the year again. At RL Adams Plastics, Inc. it’s the season to be thankful for our good fortune and to give to others. This year is the ninth year of Adams’ Christmas charity project and every year has been a success. Through the charity project, Adams has helped organizations such as United Way “Adopt a family”, Byron Ministries, and Alpha Women’s Center. This year, RL Adams chose Mel Trotter Ministries for their Christmas charity project.

Mel Trotter Ministries “provides shelter, food, clothing, education, biblical studies, computer-based learning, and work training and experience for men and women in need throughout our community.” They also offer a state-licensed substance abuse recovery program. Mel Trotter Ministries has been helping people throughout Michigan since 1900.

This year, RL Adams will donate food, clothing, toys, games, and personal care items to help benefit several families and to help provide some Christmas cheer.

To find out more about Mel Trotter Ministries, visit their website at:

RL Adams Plastics Receives “Excellent” ASI Rating

On December 7, 2010 RL Adams Plastics participated in its annual ASI Food Safety Audit and received a rating of 97.9% and a mark of “Excellent.” This year was Adams’ second year participating in the audit and they received back-to-back “Excellent” ratings of 97.68 and 97.9 for last year and this year, respectively.

RL Adams’ rating of excellence recognizes that their facility was found in an audit by ASI Food Safety Consultants to have a high level of food safety, exemplified by excellence in conditions and in programs for food safety management. The ASI Food Safety certification lasts a full year.

Green Growth Conference

October 13 and 14, 2010

A representative from RL Adams Plastics attended the Green Growth Conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The goal of the conference was to further reach out to West Michigan’s companies and to offer aid and knowledge about “being green” and sustainability practices. West Michigan is at the forefront of the Green movement led by furniture companies, Steelcase and Herman Miller.

RL Adams Plastics came away with valuable information regarding lean manufacturing techniques and environmentally friendly practices that they will implement in their efforts to do their part in preserving our environment.

Sustainability is most popularly defined by the Brundtland Commission of the United Nations as, “a practice that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability for future generations to meet their own needs.” Sustainability has two faces-lean and clean. The combination of lean and clean is a systematic approach to identifying and eliminating waste through continuous improvements. Waste is defined as non-value adding energy, materials, and activities. RL Adams Plastics aims to eliminate all of its “waste.”

“Lean” concentrates on efficient manufacturing practices. Lean is often said to eliminate DOWNTIME: D-defects, O-overproduction, W-waiting (bottlenecks), N-non-utilized resources, T-transportation (unnecessary transportation), I-inventory, M-motion, and E-extra processing. “Clean” concentrates on energy efficiency and environmentally friendly practices such as water conservation, full use of raw materials, reduction in waste and chemical emissions.

RL Adams Plastics is investigating a potential Green Suppliers Network (GSN) Assessment to identify energy and dollar savings based on the synergistic value of the combination of “lean” and “clean.”

RL Adams Inc. Attends 2010 Packaging Expo

RL Adams Plastics, Inc. attended the 2010 Packaging Expo in Chicago on November 1st and 2nd. Pack Expo is the most complete packaging show in the world’s largest market, and it is the best way to seek the newest technology in an ever-expanding industry. With over 1,600 exhibitors displaying their processes, machinery, and services, Pack Expo brings together all the caveats of packaging into one building at one time. It offers a great way to connect on a personal level with potential suppliers, evaluate the compatibility of the latest innovations with your product lines, watch the latest technology in action, and converse with like-minded individuals.

Some areas of interest for RL Adams included shrink wrap heat tunnels, cutting blades, “Green” solutions, and more cost efficient packaging solutions. RL Adams Plastics is continuously looking for solutions to better our company and to better serve our customers.