Celebrating International Women’s Day

Imagine being thrust into your spouse’s job on virtually a moment’s notice. Unless you both worked in the same office or profession, you’d probably have no idea where to begin.

Also imagine that your spouse wasn’t just another corporate cog, but the owner of a company with more than 70 employees. Then add the most painful detail: You’re in this position because your spouse has just died.

Now imagine thriving in that situation. Sound improbable? Lilo Adams would tell you otherwise.

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Exciting Readi-Board News

We are proud to announce our two new premium content series; Test Tuesday and Readi to Craft.

Ever wonder how well wood glue works on Readi-Board foam board? Have a project that needs a little more color but not sure what paints will do the job? Each week in Test Tuesday we will explore how materials ranging from glue to paint react with our foam board.

If you follow us on Twitter you’ve probably already seen some of the interesting things that can be created with foam board. With our Readi to Craft video series we will show you exactly how to make some of those crafts at home.

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Enhanced R-Value: POLYCORE 5000

R.L. Adams Plastics is pleased to announce our latest product innovation – POLYCORE 5000 with an improved R-value….R2.5.  The increased R-value offers more opportunities in the residing and new residential markets.

POLYCORE 5000 is a ½” x 4’ x 24’ bundle (equivalent to three 4’ x 8’ sheets) and can be carried by one contractor over their shoulder verses the cumbersome movement when trying to carry just one 4’ x 8’ sheet typically found in today’s market. This product also does not contain fire retardants.

We expect contractors will find many benefits for using POLYCORE 5000 for their residing and new residential projects.

POLYCORE 5000 R2.5 is only available in gray colored foam.

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RL Adams Plastics Introduces House Wrap Alternative

Why do typical Building and House Wraps have to be made from flimsy, paper-like materials? Why does installation have to be a hassle? Why can’t typical house wraps offer the contractor and homeowner more than simply being a paper-thin “barrier”?POLYCORE Building Wrap

RL Adams Plastics continues to change the conversation with innovative ways of improving outdated products and techniques.  We are introducing POLYCORE Building Wrap, part of the new Adams Home Barrier System. POLYCORE Building Wrap offers the benefits of a premium house wrap, and enhances it with more strength, 1.0 R-value, gasket formation around doors and windows, and single-person installation. POLYCORE Building Wrap lays flat and won’t tear and flap in the wind.  It doesn’t require the added time, money, and hassle of bringing in an additional sub-contractor to install.

Click here for a COMPARISON CHART comparing POLYCORE Building Wrap to the competition.


Tri-Layer Make-up

  • Foamed polystyrene sandwiched between two layers of polystyrene films
  • Thickness: nominal ¼” with actual of 0.210”
  • 4’ x 48’ bundles, folded into 4’x 2’ x 5” units for easy single-person carrying and installation
  • Bundle weight: approx. 11 lbs.

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