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Test Tuesday: Dye Ink

In this Test Tuesday we are testing dye ink. I am using Studio G Brand Acid Free Dye Ink pads (In green, pink, and black). I am utilizing a small paw print shaped stamp to apply the ink.

The ink worked well on most of the Readi-Board and Adams Premium samples. While the ink applied well to the black samples the colored ink did not show up well. I used a metallic marker that we tested previously and colored the ink onto the stamp to demonstrate that the stamp would show up if an appropriately colored ink was used (in this instance I used silver). As is often the case with colored materials, not all the colors showed up well on the red and blue foam board samples. The ink also worked very well with the Readi-Grid sample.

Applying the stamp onto the Readi-Erase surface was difficult because of how smooth it is, the stamp shifted and slid as I pressed down. There were no issues applying the ink to the Readi Water Resistant and the No Paper samples. After allowing the ink to dry for 3 hours I dragged my finger across the surface of the sample, you can see that they all smudged to varying degrees.

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