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Readi to Craft: Sea Turtle

You have to sea for yourself how easy it is to make this sea turtle. We’ll show you how in this Readi to Craft. The materials you will need are;


Coloring Utensils (I used colored pencil)

Spray Adhesive

White Glue

Learn more about the green sea turtle by visiting this website.

The template can be downloaded below;

Readi to Craft: May Day Basket

We’re Readi to spring into May! We’ll show you how to create magical May Day baskets, using Readi-Board. The free template can be found below. The materials you will need are;


Glue Stick (Tape or Rubber Cement will also work)

Hot Glue


Decorative Paper

Mod Podge (Optional)

Readi to Craft: Paw Print Flowers

This Readi to Craft is paws-itively adorable! We’ll show you how to turn paw prints into flowers using Readi-Board. The materials you will need are;


Acrylic Paint

Masking Tape (Optional)

Pet Paw

International Bat Appreciation Day

We used crayons to color this version of our bat.

For International Bat Appreciation Day, we wanted to take a moment to highlight at these unique creatures. Some common (and incorrect) myths about bats include;

  • Bats get tangled in your hair: Bats are very agile and don’t like to interact with humans.
  • Bats suck blood: Out of the more than 1,300 bat species, only 3 are known to drink blood. (Don’t worry they prefer chickens to humans) Vampire bat saliva has even been used to create medication to prevent strokes in humans.
  • All bats are rabid: Bats, like many mammals, can be infect with rabies; but the majority of them are not. You still should never handle a bat, or any wild animal.

The little brown bat is a species of bat common in our home state of Michigan, and throughout the United States. Their diet consists of insects and they can eat half their body weight every night Below you can download the free little brown bat templates we have created. The template comes with two bats (one laying and one spread out) and an alternate variety of the laying bat that includes tree bark.

We colored our bats first, then mounted them to Readi-Board to make them more durable. They’re still light weight enough to be held up by a little bit of tape. Below the images is a step by step video on how to mount prints onto Readi-Board, or you can jump to the tutorial by clicking the button.

A little masking tape holds this cute little bat perfectly in place near a hallway.
This bat was completed using colored pencils.
This little bat is cute on a window.
You can also add magnets to your bats and use them on your refrigerator.

How to Mount Prints on Readi-Board

Be sure to share your bats with us! You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest!

Readi to Craft: Easter Eggs

We have an egg-celent Readi to Craft for you! In this video we show you how to create Easter eggs with Readi-Board. The materials you will need are;


Repositionable Spray Adhesive (or Rubber Cement)

Watercolor Paints (or Food Coloring)

White Crayon (or Wax)

Readi to Craft: Marble Maze

We have an a-maze-ing craft for you. In this Readi to Craft we’re creating a one of a kind marble maze using Readi-Board. The materials you will need are;


White Glue

Straight Pins

Crayons (Optional)


Readi to Craft: No Paintbrush Painting

No paintbrushes? No problem! In this Readi to Craft we’ll show you how to create a flower painting on Readi-Board with average household objects. The materials you will need are;


Toilet Paper Roll Cores


Acrylic Paint