Readi-Board Blog

Readi to Craft: No Paintbrush Painting

No paintbrushes? No problem! In this Readi to Craft we’ll show you how to create a flower painting on Readi-Board with average household objects. The materials you will need are;


Toilet Paper Roll Cores


Acrylic Paint

Readi to Craft: Shamrock Stamping

You won’t need luck to create these shamrocks! We’re painting with produce on Readi-Board. The materials you will need are;



Green Pepper

Acrylic Paint

Masking Tape

Readi to Craft: Valentines

You’re going to love this Readi to Craft. We show you how to create dazzle valentines day cards using Readi-Board. We even provide the art in a free download! The materials you will need are;


Valentines Art (Download for Free!)

Spray Adhesive

Wrapping Paper (Or other decorative paper)

You can download the artwork below;

Readi to Craft: Compliment Art

Create a compliment that will last more than just a moment. We’ll show you how in this Readi to Craft. The materials you will need are;

Readi-Board Foam Board

Contact Paper

Spray Adhesive

White Glue

Acrylic Paint

Mod Podge


The template can be found below;

Readi to Craft: Readi-Board Reindeer

Get Readi to make some radiant reindeer. We’re showing you how with Readi-Board! You’ll need the materials listed below;

Readi-Board Foam Board

Repositionable Spray Adhesive

Fabric (or Decorative Paper)

Mod Podge (I used gloss)

Faux Sticks

Wooden Dowels

Balloon weights

Various Ribbon and/or Cord

Hot Glue

You can find the template below;

Readi to Craft: Elf Face-in-a-Hole

You won’t need little helpers to make this holiday craft. We’ll show you step by step how to create an elf face-in-a-hole. The materials you will need are;

2 Pieces of Readi-Board

Acrylic Paint

Clear Coat (I used polycrylic)

Chisel Tip Permanent Marker

Glue (White or Hot)

Glitter (Optional)