What We Do

R.L. Adams Plastics, Inc. produces state of the art foam products for both commercial and residential use. Our products range from picnic plates to insulation board to poster board. Whether you're in the market for custom products or our versatile Readi product line, we can supply your needs!

The Artist in You: Readi-Board

Readi-Board foam board is great for sign-making, projects, art, matting, photo framing, and other creative crafts. The kraft paper we use is chosen specifically to work well with crayons, chalks, pastels, markers, and adhesives to fit your needs.

Less Energy Means Less Money

Insulation is the most effective way to improve a home or building’s energy efficiency. “Insulation” refers to the resistance of heat flow. Insulation board helps keep heat in during the winter and helps keep heat out during the summer.

Readi-plates, Readi-bowls and Readi-trays

Always Readi: Plates, Bowls, Trays

As the manufacturer of the Readi-Plates, Readi-Bowls, and Readi-Trays lines of foam plates, bowls, and trays, RL Adams Plastics has made it our culture to be the best foam supplier to our customers.

Industry Announcement

R.L. Adams Plastics, Inc. and The Dow Chemical Company is pleased to announce our newest product offering, POLYCORE 5000. This new product will offer several advantages in the residing and new residential markets.

POLYCORE 5000 is our first 1/2″ product offering and comes in a 1/2″ x 4′ x 24′ bundle faced on both sides with a special polyethylene blend film. Designed to be the equivalent of three 4′ x 8′ sheets, one bundle can easily be carried over the shoulder by a contractor. Comparing this to the task of carrying one cumbersome 4′ x 8′ sheet illustrates the convenience and efficiency POLYCORE 5000 will provide.

This product does not contain fire retardants and is not targeted for use in the commericial side of the industry. We expect contractors will find many benefits for using POLYCORE 5000 for their residing and new residential projects. POLYCORE 5000 is available in Dow blue or POLYCORE beige colored foam.

Orders are now being accepted.

Did You Know?

Did you know that our Black Readi-Board works great with chalk? Try it out! It can be an inexpensive way of adding flare to any project or keeping your kids busy for hours.