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Our Process

Our manufacturing process starts out with raw polystyrene pellets, blowing agents, talc, and a variety of color concentrates. The ingredients are heated and mixed together to create our extruded polystyrene (XPS) rolls. The rolls can then go to one of three places: the thermoformer, the laminator, or directly to the customer.


Our thermoforming process is designed for mass production of plates, bowls, trays, etc. Here at Adams, we utilize the latest technology in thermoforming and packaging equipment to provide quality products with low lead times and lower costs. Thermoforming begins with product design. Once the desired product is designed, the design and creation of custom tooling is initiated. Our sales and manufacturing teams are available to help with every step. Once the proper specifications are designed and implemented, we feed the XPS rolls through the thermoforming equipment and your product is produced. The product then flows through our packaging line where it is bagged, boxed, and marked.


The lamination process involves bonding a customized facer material to the surface of the XPS foam. The variety of facer material chosen will determine the proper usage of the laminated material. Some of the purposes our lamination products serve include:

  • Varying levels of insulation

  • HVAC

  • Flooring underlayment

  • Arts and crafts

  • Aesthetics

At Adams we enjoy the challenge of creating your new and ever-changing products!

Directly to the Customer

Upon request by the customer, we make custom-made roll stock to fit your specific needs.

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