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About Us

We are located in the suburbs of Grand Rapids, Michigan and have been in business since 1978. Outside of being a polystyrene (foam) manufacturer that operates 100% in the United States, we are an honest, mid-western, family-owned business that does things the right way. Our customers and suppliers matter to us, and we view our relationships with them as a partnership. We are reasonable with them and in turn they are reasonable with us. Only 12% of family-owned companies make it into the 3rd generation, and we are proud to be a part of that 12%!

What We Do

What We Do

R.L. Adams Plastics, Inc. produces state of the art foam products for retail, distribution, and professional sales channels.  Our three main industries include Food Service, Building Products, and Arts and Crafts.  Whether you’re in the market for custom products or our versatile Readi product line, we can supply your needs!

We specialize in the production of extruded polystyrene (XPS), thermoforming XPS, and laminating XPS with a variety of facer materials. We pride ourselves in our versatility and our ability to react quickly to the ever-changing needs of our customers.

Our History


R.L. Adams Plastics, Inc. was founded in 1978 by Ronald L. Adams. When he passed away suddenly in 1982, the Adams family wanted to retain the company and the leadership was passed to his wife, Lilo Adams, and his son, Craig Adams. We are proud to be a 3rd generation company.

The company has grown and seen many changes, yet it remains a strong family company under the leadership of Craig Adams, CEO.

R.L. Adams Plastics, Inc. has maintained its core competencies of family, togetherness, and building and continuing strong relationships with our customers, suppliers, and employees. Here at Adams, our motto of “Where customer commitment is our most important product” resonates these competencies.

Our History
Mission Statement

Mission Statement

R.L. Adams Plastics, Inc. is dedicated to providing polystyrene foam products that provide quality with value pricing.  We have a great asset in the stability and longevity of our company and our management group.

To sustain our vision and mission by constantly seeking renewal via solutions, and the application of progressive technologies and best business practices.  To provide a pleasant, nurturing and growth oriented work environment which encourages our employees to be highly productive and to grow personally and professionally.

We wish to establish partnerships to support our customers that respect the interest and goals of each party.  Success will be measured by our customers choosing us because their belief in our ability to meet or exceed their expectations for service, quality, value and expertise which help them gain competitive advantage in their markets.



All R.L. Adams building product items are manufactured under the Underwriters Laboratory (UL) supervision to meet the following code requirements; * ICC-ES, AC-10, Per file # R13603. Inspections to this standard occur on a quarterly basis, unannounced by UL Field Service.

Visit for more information regarding their certifications and requirements.

R.L. Adams Plastics manufacturing practices strictly adhere to all standards contained within C.F.R 1910.119, specifically Part 91 PSM and Part 591 PSM. We continually comply to these standards without violations from governing body. To accomplish our top ratings, we fully engage the 15 part standard, with emphasis on employee involvement, training and mechanical integrity.


Building Your Own Brand

14ad Centrella family s.jpg

Adams offers a complete store brand program for any customers wishing to further their corporate identity through private label programs. With easily achieved commitment requirements, we will help build your company’s brand and volume.

At Adams we pride ourselves on flexibility and customer service. We will work with you to create a high quality product at an expedited pace. We offer private label programs in all products and counts. Contact us today!

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