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R.L. Adams Gear Shop

  • Items under the 2024 Special Order category have not yet been produced, and are pre-order items. Other products are previous styles and may have limited inventory (i.e. stock Items). These products are first come first serve.

  • Colors may vary due to differences in screen and printer settings. Items that have a physical sample available will be noted in the item's description. Samples are in Samii's office (AKA Readi Craft Cave and/or Label Room.)

  • We offer different brands and manufacturer's apparel. Please refer to the size chart to ensure you order a good fit. (If an item is missing a size chart, please inform Samii.)

  • Some items require a minimum order quantity. Occasionally, minimum order quantities will not be met and we will forgo ordering that item, you will not be charged in this instance.

  • Payroll deduction is the preferred form of payment for items. The date of deductions will be announced after all orders have been accepted. We will accept cash and checks upon request.

  • As a courtesy, the company covers all tax, imprinting fees and shipping costs.

2024 Special Orders must be submitted by 6/4/24


All Products

All available products, including special order and stock items
All available products, including special order and stock items
44 products

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