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Test Tuesday: Ballpoint Pen

In this week’s Test Tuesday we will be investigating ballpoint pen.

The pens marked well on all of the standard Readi-Board, Adams Premium, Readi-Grid, and No Paper samples. I had to be conscious of how much pressure I was applying to the standard Readi-Board samples so that the pen’s tip wouldn’t puncture the paper. I could write with more pressure on the Adams Premium and Readi-Grid samples. Understandably my pen did press into the foam of the No Paper sample, despite this the marks were clear.

It is worth mentioning that the pen is a little difficult to see on the black colored samples. The ink’s iridescence is more apparent on the Adams Premium sample, which makes the marks more apparent.

No Paper, Readi-Erase, Water Resistant, Readi-GridBoth the blue and black ink ballpoint pens wrote on the Water Resistant and Readi-Erase samples. They did not leave behind a dark mark (when comparing to the other board samples tested). The marks were still precise despite this.

I’ve included an image of a side by side comparison of our standard white Readi-Board, and our white Adams Premium board samples. I dragged my finger across the filled squares to see how much (or little) the ink would smear.

Overall I think ball point pens are great option for all the varieties of foam board we offer.

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