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Test Tuesday: Weldwood Contact Cement Nonflammable Formula

In this Test Tuesday we are working with DAP Weldwood contact cement, nonflammable formula. The product information states that the recommended use of this product is for bonding laminates, veneers paper, cork or cloth backed vinyl. It notes that it is not suitable for structural applications. It also states that the adhesive is not recommended for bonding of foams. For this reason, I cannot expressly recommend it for use on foam board. However, I did not notice any sort of surface damage when the glue was applied to the no paper sample.

Per the product instructions, I applied a thin layer of adhesive to both sides to be bonded and allowed them to dry for 60 minutes before pressing together.

The standard Readi-Board and Adams Premium samples performed well. The black premium was especially difficult to separate.

To my surprise the no paper sample was easy to separate. The Readi-Grid performed similarly to the other Readi-Board pieces.

Both the Readi-Erase and water-resistant samples were very easy to separate. I intend on re-testing these boards after roughing the surfaces with sandpaper. I will update this post with those results.

Although the paper facers came off most of the samples, there was no noticeable damage to the foam itself. However, the products packaging specifies that it is “not recommended for bonding of foams” and therefore I cannot recommend using this product on Readi-Board.

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