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Test Tuesday: Spray Lacquer

In this Test Tuesday we are working with Testors brand Extreme Lacquer spray in Purple-Licious.

Readi-Board SamplesAdams Premium Samples

The lacquer applied well to all of the foam board samples. I didn’t notice any damage to the foam on any of the samples (no paper included). I also peeled the paper facer off of the samples after images had been taken, and there were still no signs of damage to the foam.

No Paper, Readi-Erase, Readi Water Resistant and Readi-Grid samples.

As you can see on the scratch test image, I was able to remove the lacquer from the Readi Water Resistant sample and the No Paper. I had to scratch quite hard to get the results you see on the No Paper sample in the image. Scratching the surface surprisingly didn’t affect the lacquer on the Readi-Erase sample.

Left to Right; No Paper, Readi Water Resistant and Readi-Erase

The glossy, smooth finish would work great for projects where you would like to mask that you are working with foam board, such as cosplay props.

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