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Test Tuesday: Colored Pencil

In this edition of Test Tuesday we will be testing colored pencils. I am using Crayola brand pencils in this article.

The white standard Readi-Board and Adams Premium samples were very similar. The Adams Premium brand produced slightly more precise marks, but both allowed for vivid colors. The colors were (predictably) difficult to see on the black Adams Premium sample. The black Readi-Board sample showed the colored pencil marks better than the Adams premium.

Pencils with warmer colors (red, orange, yellow) showed up better on the blue Adams Premium sample, whereas pencils with cooler colors (green, blue, purple) showed up better on the red Adams Premium sample. This was also the case with the red Readi-Board sample. The blue Readi-Board sample seemed to show most of the colors quite well.

The No Paper sample did accept some of the color, but the foam was also damaged in the process of applying the strokes. The pencil marks were hardly visible on the Readi Water Resistant and Readi-Erase samples.

The Readi-Grid sample performed similarly to the other white samples that were tested.

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