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Test Tuesday: Paint Markers

In this Test Tuesday we are working with a paint marker. I am using Uni Paint Medium Line (PX-20) opaque, oil-based marker.

There was an immediately noticeable difference between the standard Readi-Board and Adams premium samples. The paper seemed to absorb the paint quickly on the standard Readi-Board pieces, while the paint appeared to sit more on the surface of the Adams Premium pieces.

No Paper, Readi-Erase, Water Resistant, Readi-Grid

The Readi-Grid sample behaved similarly to the standard Readi-Board tests. The paint appeared to sit on the surface of both the Readi-Erase and the Water Resistant samples.

As should be expected, the No Paper sample did not fare well against the solvents found in the paint.

I peeled back the paper on my standard Readi-Board, Adams Premium and Water Resistant samples. As you can see in the images the paint did get through the paper facer of our standard Readi-Board sample and bite into the foam beneath. The Adams Premium sample fared a little better, but there was still some damage to the foam that was beneath the filled circle. There is a very slight amount of damage on the Water Resistant sample, but it is barely even visible.

I used dry erase marker to create a line over my circle on the Readi-Erase sample. After it had dried I wiped away the dry erase mark, and the paint stayed in place (unlike the permanent marker test I had done in a previous Test Tuesday).

I think the paint marker’s most appropriate use with foam board would be on our Readi-Erase or Water Resistant samples. Please keep in mind that these Test Tuesday results are specific to this particular marker. Each brand of marker may use a different formula for their paint which will affect how it behaves on the foam board. Always test a small piece of scrap if you are using a new medium for the first time.

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