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Test Tuesday: Puffy Paint

In this Test Tuesday we are testing puffy paint. Puffy paint is a dimensional paint typically used on fabric. I am using Tulip brand paint in turquoise, pink and white as well as a metallic black. I placed a line of each color on the samples and allowed them to dry for 72 hours.

All the samples worked well with the paint, there was no bleeding or other peculiar reactions. I did notice that the turquoise paint did appear dark against the red foam board samples.

When trying to peel some of the paint up, standard Readi-Board and Adams premium samples saw some paper damage. The paper surrounding the paint was peeled up as well as the line of paint. The Readi-Grid sample also pulled the paper up with the paint, but the effect wasn’t as dramatic.

Left to Right: Readi-Board, Adams Premium, Readi-Grid

The paint easily peeled off the No Paper sample, but it is very apparent where the paint was. You can see a line in the foam’s surface. It was slightly more difficult to get one edge of the paint off the Readi-Erase sample, but once that was done the paint removed easily. The Readi Water Resistant sample was by far the easiest to remove the paint from. The line came off quickly and easily.

Overall puffy paint is a great (and fun) way to add a little dimension to your foam board art.

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