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Test Tuesday: Scissors

In this week’s Test Tuesday we are testing scissors. I am using a generic pair of scissor that I picked up at my local craft store.

The standard Readi-Board and Adams Premium samples ended up with very similar cut edges. The Adams Premium pieces were a little more difficult to cut through. The Readi-Grid sample performed the same as the Adams Premium samples.

Our sample with no paper was the easiest to cut through, and produced the cleanest edge. I only managed to get about half way through cutting my Readi-Erase sample before I had to stop for fear of breaking my scissors. The Readi Water Resistant sample was the second easiest to cut, and produced a decent edge (in comparison to my standard Readi-Board samples).

I’ve included an additional image of the no paper and Readi Water Resistant samples. This is to show the difference between a cut created by a hobby knife (left) and the scissors (right).

While scissors were able to cut through nearly all the samples, none of the cuts were particularly clean or attractive. For this reason, I do not recommend using scissors to cut foam board.

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