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Test Tuesday: Shellac

In this week’s Test Tuesday, we are testing Shellac. I am using Zinsser brand Bulls Eye, Shellac in amber.

The shellac did not cause any damage to any of the foam on the tested samples. On the standard Readi-Board, Adams Premium, and Readi-Grid samples the application of shellac made it easier to peel away the paper facers. However, it did not cause the paper to remove on its own.

The shellac did not scratch or peel up on either the Readi-Erase or the Readi Water Resistant samples. The shellac finish did not seem to make removing the paper from the Water Resistant sample any easier, as was the case for the Read-Board and Adams Premium pieces.

As you can see in the pictures, the shellac coloration did make the grid lines more noticeable on the Readi-Grid sample.

Overall, aside from potentially making the paper remove more easily from the foam, I see no reason to deter the use of shellac on our foam board.

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