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Test Tuesday: Watercolor Paints

In this Test Tuesday we will be testing watercolor paints. In this particular edition we will be look at Crayola brand water color paints, using room temperature water. The water temperature is an important distinction as we will be conducting another test, the following week, using cold water for comparison.

The standard Readi-Board samples worked well with the watercolor. The paints showed up well even on the black sample. As is often the case the warmer (red, orange, yellow) colored paints didn’t show up as well on the red Readi-Board sample. It is worth mentioning that the blue Readi-Board sample seemed to show more of the paint bleeding than the other colors.

On the black Adams Premium sample, nearly all of the paint colors showed up except for the black which was difficult to see (as you would expect). As on the red Readi-Board sample, warm colors did not show up well on the red Adams Premium. The only indication I saw of bleeding amongst the Adams Premium samples was on the white, and it was very slight.

The paint dried better on the No Paper sample than it did in comparison to the Water Resistant and Readi-Erase. The dried paint could be flaked off of both the Water Resistant and the Readi-Erase. When scratching the surface of the No Paper sample some of the paint comes up, but more notably the foam is damaged exposing the white beneath the paint. Certain portions of the watercolor paints caused the lines of the Readi-Grid sample to become more apparent whereas others covered the lines. The top of my brush stroke was more opaque (where more paint pigment settled) versus the bottom where the color is lighter and the lines more apparent.

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