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Test Tuesday: Acrylic Paint

In this Test Tuesday we are working with acrylic paints. I am using Apple Barrel brand. I often use acrylic paint on my foam board projects. It comes in a wide range of colors, offers great coverage and dries quickly. Paint coverage can vary between colors and brands.

As should be expected, paints that are the same color as the sample they are applied to (for example red paint against red foam board) do not show up well. The slight differences in color and texture are still visible if you look closely enough. Acrylic paints work well on all of the Readi-Board, Adams Premium, No Paper and Readi-Grid samples.

The paint did cover the Water Resistant and Readi-Erase samples. Simply running a finger across the dry paints did not disturb them, but scratching it with a fingernail did remove the paint. When working with acrylic paint on Readi Water Resistant board I typically will lightly sand the surface areas I intend on painting, this has helped the paint stick to the surface better.

Acrylic paint will continue to be one of my most used mediums when working with foam board.

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