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Test Tuesday: Alcohol Markers

In this edition of Test Tuesday, we are going to test alcohol markers. I am using Brea Reese brand markers in; cadmium red, orange, cadmium yellow, cobalt green and cobalt blue.

The first thing I noticed when using the markers was the very vivid color when applied to the white samples (including the Readi-Grid). The iridescence of the ink was more apparent on the black samples, than the actual ink color itself. Most of the inks didn’t show well on the red Readi-Board and Adams Premium samples. The blue samples displayed the colors slightly better, but still not perfectly.

There were a few interesting areas that appeared darker on the No Paper sample, I attribute this to the foam’s textured surface.

The alcohol markers applied to both the Readi-Grid and Readi Water Resistance well. There were some small areas on the Readi-Erase where it appeared that the ink had resisted areas, this only occurred on the orange and blue marks. Using my fingertip, I could not smudge the ink once it had dried. I was able to scratch away some of the ink from of the Readi Water Resistant, but as you can see from the image I had to scratch the surface aggressively to do so.

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