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Test Tuesday: Colored Chalk

In this Test Tuesday I am going to be testing colored chalk. I am using Crayola brand in; red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple.

All of our standard Readi-Board samples tested the same. The chalk easily made a clear mark. Due to their differences in saturation (how vivid the color is) you are still able to see the red chalk on the red board sample, and the blue chalk on the blue board sample.

The chalk performed similarly well on the Adams Premium white and black samples. The chalk did seem to have trouble making a clear mark on the Adams red and blue pieces. I am attributing this to how smooth the surface of these samples are.

I was pleased with how well the chalk worked on my No Paper sample the colors showed up well without gouging the foam. Chalk is not a good medium for the Readi-Erase’s surface. The chalk did mark on the Water Resistant board, but it can be easily wiped away. In my opinion the Readi-Grid ended up with the brightest (and smoothest) marks in comparison to all the other samples.

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