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Test Tuesday: Contact Cement

In this Test Tuesday we are testing contact cement. I am using DAP Weldwood. I followed the product’s instructions, applying glue to both halves of the areas to be glued and waited 15 minutes before pressing them together.

The effect of the glue was immediately noticeable on the No Paper sample. As pictured, the adhesive damaged the foam. Also pictured is the indentation of my thumb on the black Readi-Board sample as the result of pressing the two halves together. This occurred because the cement penetrated the paper and began to damage the foam beneath it.

There was less damage to the Adams Premium samples than the Readi-Board samples. This is due to the thicker paper on the premium foam board. There was a very slight amount of adhesive damage on the Readi Water Resistant, and no damage to the surface of the Readi-Erase sample. The Readi-Grid sample behaved similar to the Adams Premium samples.

Readi-Board Sample

Adams Premium Sample

If you use contact cement on either of the Readi Water Resistant or Readi-Erase board, take extra precaution to not allow the cement to touch any exposed foam.

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