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Test Tuesday: Crayon

In this edition of Test Tuesday, we are testing crayons. I am using Crayola brand crayons in red, yellow, blue and black.

The crayons worked very well on all the standard Readi-Board and Adam’s Premium samples. As is often the case, warmer colors did not show up well on the red sample and cooler colors were less vibrant on the blue sample. While the crayons did apply well to the black samples, it was difficult to see the colors.

The No Paper sample had good color transfer with less damage done to the foam’s surface than one might expect. The crayons did work on the Readi-Erase sample, but I was able to move the color by rubbing the surface. I could also scratch the crayon off with my fingernail on this sample.

The Readi Water Resistant performed very well. The color applied easily and wasn’t removed by scratching it with my nail, as was the case with the Readi-Erase sample. The Readi-Grid sample produced results identical to the Adam’s premium white sample.

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