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Test Tuesday: E6000 Adhesive

In this edition of Test Tuesday we are testing E6000 industrial strength craft adhesive. The product dries clear, and flexible and includes a list of materials that it is suitable to use with. It is worth mentioning that foam board is not included on the manufacturer’s list.

Per the directions I applied the adhesive and allowed it to set for 24 hours. Upon returning to my samples I noticed that all (with the exception of the Readi-Erase) all developed a dip in the surface of the foam board where the adhesive had been applied.

From left to right; Readi-Board, Adams Premium, No Paper, Readi Water Resistant

The E6000 damaged the foam on nearly all the samples to varying degrees. The No Paper sample was the most effected, the adhesive ate clean through one of the pieces. The Readi-Grid sample was the least damaged (save for the Readi-Erase which is addressed below).

For the Readi-Erase sample the adhesive came into contact with only the dry erase facer. This was the only sample that did not show noticeable damage to the foam. I still would not recommend using this adhesive, even on Readi-Erase board, as any amount that comes into contact with foam will damage the foam board.

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