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Test Tuesday: Epoxy Cement

In this edition of Test Tuesday, we are testing epoxy cement. I am using Elmer’s Super Fast Epoxy Cement. This is a 2-part product that you must mix before applying to clean, dry surfaces. I applied a thin, even layer across half of my foam board sample pieces. Per the directions I allowed my samples to dry overnight.

On all of the Readi-Board samples, the bond was very strong. The paper facers removed from the foam when trying to pull them apart. The same applies to the Adams Premium samples. The bond was very strong and it was difficult to pry the pieces from one another.

Left to Right; Readi-Board White, Readi-Board Black, Adams Premium White, Adams Premium Black

The epoxy bonded the No Paper facer very well, with no visible damage to the foam itself. I’ve included a closeup of the dried epoxy. Notice that the adhesive dries amber in color, the information on the product’s packaging does point this out.

The Readi-Erase board had a strong bond that was difficult to pry apart. The Readi Water Resistant sample was the easiest to remove of all the samples tested. The bond was still strong though, as you can see the boards bent while trying to pull them apart. While testing the Readi-Grid sample the paper facer pulled free and was damaged similar to the standard Readi-Board samples.

Overall I would compare the epoxy cement’s bond to white glue. Except for the Readi-Erase and Readi Water Resistant samples where I believe the epoxy offered a stronger bond.

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