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Test Tuesday: Extreme Tack

In this Test Tuesday, we are testing E6000 Extreme Tack Repositionable Glue. Per the products instructions I applied dots of glue (4 dots per sample) and allowed the glue to dry for 8 hours.

Unlike the standard E6000 adhesive this glue did not damage the foam on any of the samples. The glue adhered to all of the samples. For the Readi-Erase, and the Readi Water Resistant samples, the glue was not as capable of holding the samples together when compared to the standard Readi-Board or Adams Premium samples. The adhesive dots transferred from their original placement to the wall or other applied foam board.

Over all I think this is a very good glue to use with Readi-Board products if you are looking for something to hang your foam board art to a wall with. In my tests it did not damage the wall’s surface, but I would recommend testing in an inconspicuous area as results may vary.

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