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Test Tuesday: Fabric Paint

In this Test Tuesday we are testing fabric paint. I am using Tulip Brand Soft Matte Brush-On Fabric Paint.

I am less interested in testing this material as a potential art medium and more interesting in making sure there will be no adverse effects to any of my foam board. I will use this information for an upcoming Readi to Craft video.

I used a foam brush to apply a swatch of blue and a swatch of black fabric paint to test. The paint applied well to all of the samples. Per the product’s instructions I allowed the paint to dry for 4 hours. After drying it appeared that the paint didn’t damage any of my foam board samples.

If intended on using the fabric paint as an art medium, keep in mind that once dry the paint could be scratched from the surface of the Readi Water Resistant, and Readi-Erase samples using a fingernail.

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