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Test Tuesday: Finger Paints

In this Test Tuesday, we are testing finger paints. I am using Crayola brand Washable Fingerpaint in the following colors; Fire Engine Red, True Blue and Lemon Yellow.

Readi-Board samples

Adams Premium samples

The paint worked well on all of the standard Readi-Board, Adams Premium and Readi-Grid samples. As is typical for colored media, warm colors didn’t show particularly well on the red samples and cool colors were less visible on the blue samples.

No Paper, Readi-Erase, Readi Water Resistant, Readi-Grid samples.

The paint adhered very well to the No Paper sample, even withstanding gentle scratching of the surface. While the finger paints applied easily to the Readi-Erase and Readi Water Resistant samples, the dried paint was very easy to scratch and peel off of the boards.

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