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Test Tuesday: Floetrol

In preparation for our next Readi to Craft video we are using this Test Tuesday to test Flood Floetrol. Floetrol is paint additive for latex and acrylic based paints. It is commonly used for interior and exterior home projects to eliminate brush or roller marks and achieve a more even finish.

We will be implementing Floetrol for some paint pouring art, but first it was important to ensure that the Floetrol would not have any adverse effects on our foamboard.


Adams Premium

No Paper, Readi-Erase, Readi Water Resistant and Readi-Grid samples.

I applied a heavy brush stroke of Floetrol to all of my samples. You can see that the product did change the surface finish of the samples. I was concerned that the Floetrol would make it easier to remove the paper facers from my samples, but this was not the case. The product applied directly to the foam of the No Paper sample, didn’t cause any visible damage. I was able to scratch the dried Floetrol from both the Readi Water Resistant and Readi-Erase samples using my fingernail.

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