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Test Tuesday: Glazing Liquid

In this Test Tuesday, we are testing glazing liquid. I am using Golden brand glazing liquid in a satin finish. Glazing Liquid is used as a slow-drying extender for acrylic paints. I applied a thin layer of the glaze to my sample pieces and allowed them to dry overnight. I did not note how long the product takes to dry, as this will vary depending on environmental conditions.

Readi-Board Samples

Adams Premium Samples

The glazing liquid applied well to all the samples tested. When trying to peel the paper facers from the standard Readi-Board and Adams premium samples, the glazing liquid did not have a noticeable effect. I was able to scratch the glazing liquid from the surface or the Readi-Erase sample, but it did not flake off dramatically.

No Paper, Readi-Erase, Readi Water Resistant and Readi-Grid Samples

Readi-Erase sample showing glaze removal.

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