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Test Tuesday: Glitter Markers

In this edition of Test Tuesday, we are testing Crayola brand Glitter Markers. The marker tip is similar to a paint pen. Pumping the tip of the marker (preferable on scrap paper) is required to facilitate the flow of ink.

The markers worked well on the Readi-Board, Adams Premium and Readi-Grid samples. As often is the case with colored mediums, warmer colors were not as effective on the red samples and cooler colors were not as effective on the blue samples. From a distance the ink looks similar to metallic markers but looking closer it is easy to see the individual specks of glitter.

The markers applied well to the No Paper, Readi-Erase and Readi Water Resistant samples. Unfortunately, the ink was easily smudge on the Readi-Erase and No Paper samples. The silver ink smudged slightly on the Readi Water Resistant, but on the other colors only the glitter appeared to smudge.

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