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Test Tuesday: Glitter Spray

In this Test Tuesday we are testing glitter spray paint. I am using Rust-Oleum brand glitter spray in gold.

Readi-Board Samples.

Before applying the glitter, I used masking tape to conceal a small amount of each sample. The spray did react with the adhesive in some spots on the samples, however, the adhesive was easily rubbed off.

Adams Premium Samples.

All of the samples worked well with the glitter spray. On the Readi-Board samples you can see a slight discoloration of the paper where the edge of the masking tape prevented the glitter from attaching but allowed the liquid to absorb into the paper. This wouldn’t be an issue for project where you are covering the entirety of the surface with glitter.

No Paper, Readi-Erase, Readi Water Resistant, Readi-Grid Samples.

Scratching the surface of the Readi-Erase sample didn’t budge the glitter. I was able to scratch away the glitter coating on the Readi Water resistant sample, but it required a bit of effort. I think the glitter spray would hold up just fine to normal wear and tear.

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