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Test Tuesday: Glue Dots

In this week’s Test Tuesday we are looking at adhesive dots. I am using Permanent Glue Dots, Dot N Go. The dots come on a ribbon, stored in a handy applicator. This makes them virtually mess free in comparison to some of the other adhesives we have tested in the past.

I applied 3 adhesive dots to half of a 2 inch by 4 inch sample of foam board. I pressed another 2in by 4in sample onto the glue dots and allowed them to sit for approximately two hours.

The standard Read-Board, Adams Premium and Readi-Grid samples all behaved similarly. The boards bent slightly under the stress of trying to pull them apart, but the paper facers are what inevitably gave way.

On the No Paper sample, predictably the foam broke. The Readi-Erase and Readi Water Resistant samples were the most difficult to pull apart. Despite this the two samples came apart cleanly with no damage to the facers. I could have easily reattached the two pieces as the glue dots were still tacky.

I would recommend glue dots for projects such as; mounting drawings or photos to foam board, and attaching ribbon or other decorative elements to foam board. I don’t think that glue dots would be the best adhesive for projects that would require structural elements, such as model making.

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