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Test Tuesday: Glue Stick

In this Test Tuesday we will be testing a glue stick. I am using an Elmer’s brand all-purpose glue stick. To prepare I cut my samples in half. I applied the glue to a 2” by 2” area, making sure to cover the surface with an even layer of adhesive. I allowed the samples to sit for approximately 90 minutes before attempting to pull the foam board pieces apart.

I began with my standard Readi-Board samples. The white sample detached with a little effort, the paper was damaged on both faces where my glue touched. The black sample adhered very well, the glue pulled the paper and foam from one of the pieces. Pulling apart the red and blue Readi-Board samples caused the paper facer to pull away from the foam on one side.

The Adams premium foam samples performed similarly to the Readi-Board pieces. The white and black samples showed damage to the both sides of the paper when pulled apart. When the red sample was pulled apart the foam board broke, instead of the glue bond. The paper pulled away from one side on the blue Adams premium sample.

The No Paper sample didn’t bond well at all, the pieces were very easy to pull apart and there was no noticeable damage to the foam. Somewhat surprisingly, when the Readi-Erase samples were pulled apart, there was some damage to the dry erase surface. The Readi Water Resistant sample was predictable easy to pull apart (with little effort) and only showed a slight amount of damage where the boards bent marginally. My Readi-Grid sample performed much like the Adams Premium blue sample, one side of the paper facer detaching from the foam.

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