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Test Tuesday: Gorilla Glue

In this edition of Test Tuesday, we are working with Gorilla glue. Per the product’s instructions I used a slightly wet rag to dampen one half of the area to be adhered. I placed some weight on all my samples (in lieu of clamping) and allowed them to cure for 24 hours.

The adhesion on all of the samples was good, I would recommend using gorilla glue on your foam board projects. There were a few things that I noticed that are worth mentioning. The expansion of the glue on the Adams Premium samples seemed to force the two pieces away from one another slightly. This also occurred on the Readi Water Resistant sample, but not on the standard Readi-Board samples. In comparison to the other polyurethane adhesive that we tested (Polyurethane Adhesive), I noticed less of the adhesive expanding outside of the intended area.

The glue bond was weakest on the red Adams Premium and Readi-Board sample.

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