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Test Tuesday: Gorilla Spray

In this Test Tuesday we are testing Gorilla Spray Adhesive. This is the same maker of the Gorilla Glue tested in a previous Test Tuesday.

After following the instructions written on the can, I allowed the samples to dry/adhere for 3 hours. The adhesive worked best for the Adams Premium and Readi-Grid samples.

Shortly after applying the adhesive to the No Paper sample I noticed that the foam’s surface was becoming marred and uneven. It is difficult for me to tell if it is the adhesive, or the vehicle that caused the damage.

Unfortunately, the chemical that damaged the foam was able to soak through the paper facer of the standard Readi-Board samples.

While the adhesive did work on the Readi-Erase and Readi Water Resistant samples, the bond wasn’t secure enough (in my opinion) to take the risk of getting adhesive on exposed foam and damaging any potential projects.

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