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Test Tuesday: Gouache

In this edition of Test Tuesday, we are testing gouache paints. Gouache is a watermedia, similar to watercolor paint. However, unlike water color paints, gouache is less transparent. Often gouache is considered a midpoint between watercolor paints and acrylic paints in terms of opacity.

The gouache paint performed wonderfully on all the standard Readi-Board and Adams Premium samples. You can see the opaque qualities of gouache clearly on our black samples. As is often then case with colored mediums, the red paint was less noticeable on the red samples, the blue paint less noticeable on the blue samples, and black paint on the black sample and so on.

The No Paper sample accepted the paint well. Scratching the surface only disturbed the paint where the pigment was very heavy. Because gouache is a water based medium it did not perform well on either the Readi-Erase or the Readi Water Resistant samples. Not only did the paint bead after applying it, the dried marks were easily scratched off using my fingernail. The lines of the Readi-Grid sample resisted the paint’s pigment, even though the paper accepted the paint similarly to the Adams Premium samples.

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