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Test Tuesday: Highlighter

In this week’s Test Tuesday, we are testing highlighters. I am using Bic brand highlighters in yellow, pink and purple.

Of the standard Readi-Board an Adams Premium samples the white foam board performed the best. The highlighters did show up on the blue samples, but the colors were muted, In the case of the yellow highlighter (on the blue samples), the yellow mark appeared green. The purple highlighter was the only one of the three that left a noticeable mark on the red samples. The black samples (predictable) performed the worst. While the marks are slightly visible on the black Readi-Board piece, it is almost impossible to see the marks on the Adams Premium piece.

The No Paper sample provided an acceptable surface for the highlighter. The marks smudged only slightly when I dragged my finger across them. The highlighter pigment simply beaded up on both the Readi-Erase and the Readi-Water Resistant samples. The marks were easily wiped away on these as well. The colors were bright and clear on the Readi-Grid sample, but the highlighter…highlighted where the lines of the grid were located.

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