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Test Tuesday: Nail Polish

In this week’s Test Tuesday we are testing nail polish. I used three different brands of polish, because formulas will vary between companies. The gray is an OPI polish, the pink is ORLY and the red is Sinful Colors. I applied only one coat of polish to swatch areas.

On all the standard Readi-Board samples, the nail varnish penetrated to top paper facer and damaged to foam beneath. The red and blue samples were more damaged than the white and black. The OPI polish appeared to cause the most damage to the foam on all of these samples.

The white and black Adams Premium samples did not show any damage to the foam. On the red Adams Premium sample, only the gray OPI test area managed to penetrate the paper and bite into the foam beneath. Damage from all three swatches of polish were visible on the blue premium sample, these marks were faint in comparison to the Readi-Board samples.

Right; Adams Premium Red Left; Adams Premium Blue

As should be expected, the nail polish damaged the No Paper sample the most dramatically. Interestingly the depth of the marks varied. The gray OPI sample biting the deepest, the red Sinful Colors the least and the pink ORLY was a midpoint between the two.

The Readi-Erase sample produced the most positive results. The polish did not damage the foam beneath the dry erase facer, and I was unable to scratch off the polish with my fingernail.

The Readi Water Resistant sample did not have damage done to the foam, but I was easily able to scrape away the dry polish from the surface with my nail.

The foam on the Readi-Grid sample was effected by the nail polish, but it is very, very faint.

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