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Test Tuesday: Non-Waterproof Ink

In this Test Tuesday we are experimenting with non-waterproof ink. I am using Higgins brand non-waterproof black ink.

For each of the samples I used a brush to create a line and used the dropper attached to the lid to apply a drop of ink. I held the tip of the dropper approximately an inch and a half from the foam board’s surface.

All of the standard Readi-Board samples had similar marks, other than the blue. You can see in the image that the ink drop bled much more than the other sample colors. I tested another drop of ink on an additional piece of blue Readi-Board, and the ink behaved the same way. The Adams Premium samples also produced results similar to one another. The ink applied by brush on the black premium sample appeared to sit on the paper’s surface slightly more than on the other colors.

The brush line on the No Paper sample dried with a very interesting texture. The ink did not work well on the Readi-Erase and Readi Water Resistant samples. The dried ink could be easily flaked off of both of these. On the Readi-Grid sample the ink worked well, but it did make the grid lines more visible.

I will also be testing Higgins brand waterproof ink in a future Test Tuesday, so check back to see how the two types of ink compare to each other.

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