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Test Tuesday: Oil Pastels

In this Test Tuesday we are testing oil pastels. Oil pastels, also known as wax oil crayons, are a drawing medium made of pigment powder combined with an oil and wax binder. I am using Pentel Arts brand oil pastels.

The pastels transferred well to all the Readi-Board and Adams Premium samples. When smudging the rougher paper surface of the Readi-Board samples appeared to hold the mark better than the Premium samples. As should be expected, warmer colors were less vibrant on the red samples as cooler colors were on the blue samples.

The softness of the oil pastel meant that it could apply color to the No Paper sample without damaging the foam. The Readi-Erase sample produced the least favorable results of the boards tested, barely any color transferred to the surface and what did transfer was easily wiped away. Despite the specialty facer, the oil pastels applied well to the Readi Water Resistant board. The Readi-Grid sample had results similar to the standard Readi-Board samples.

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