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Test Tuesday: Pastels

In this Test Tuesday we are testing pastels. Pastels are an art medium most often in the form of a stick, made of pure powdered pigment and a binder. The exact pigments and binders will vary between manufacturers and individual sticks. I am using Prismacolor brand Nupastel, firm pastel color sticks.

The Readi-Board samples worked fantastically with the pastels, the samples took the color well and still allowed for blending. The pastels did transfer color to the Adams Premium samples, but the smoother paper texture means that the pastel did not apply as much material as it did on the Readi-Board samples. As is often the case, cooler colors to not show up as well on blue samples as warmer colors do not on the red samples.

The rougher surface texture of the No Paper sample means that the pastel pigment transfers well onto the sample. The pastels barely left a mark on the Readi-Erase’s surface. The Readi Water Resistant sample accepted the pastel marks better than one might have anticipated, but still not as effectively as the standard Readi-Board samples.

The Readi-Grid sample worked well with the pastels. It is worth noting that when the pastels were blended out on the Readi-Grid sample, the paper’s lines were made visible.

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