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Test Tuesday: Permanent Marker

In this week’s Test Tuesday we are investigating permanent marker. I am using Sharpie brand fine point markers in a variety of colors.

The markers had no trouble creating marks on all of our foam board samples. Of course, the colors appeared the best on any boards that were white in color. The marks were visible on even the black foam board samples. On the black Premium sample the marker showed up with an iridescent sheen. As you might expect, certain color marks show up better than others on the blue and red foam board samples.

The marker ink did ‘bite’ into the sample with no paper facer. The mark also bled out further. It may be difficult to see in the images but the marks are also indented into the board’s surface.

When applied to the Readi-Erase board the markers are permanent, and the marks do not smudge once they are dry. However, if you use a dry erase marker over the sharpie marks it will remove them. This is handy tip if you accidently use permanent marker on your white board.

Overall permanent markers will remain part of my personal array of art supplies. Keep in mind if using them that the ink can damage any exposed foam. The results listed here are specific to Sharpie brand permanent markers. If using another brand of permanent marker I would recommend using a small piece of scrap to do a test of your own, as the ink solvents can vary from brand to brand.

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