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Test Tuesday: Polycrylic

In this Test Tuesday, we are testing Minwax brand Polycrylic protective finish. This is a water based product. I am using the clear semi-gloss finish.

I used a foam brush to apply one layer to all of the samples tested.

I was pleased with the results on all the tested foam board. You can see that the paper of the standard Readi-Board samples seemed to absorb the finish a little more than the Adams Premium samples.

I had expected the finish to flake off the Readi-Erase and Readi Water Resistant samples but this was not the case. I could only mar finish the Readi-Erase after quite a bit of effort. It was also difficult to scratch the finish off the Water Resistant board, but once I had some of the finish peeled up I was able to pull more off of the surface. Despite this I would still recommend using the polycrylic, even on the Water Resistant foam board.

Close up of peeling finish on Readi Water Resistant board.

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