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Test Tuesday: Polyurethane Adhesive

In this edition of Test Tuesday, we are testing polyurethane adhesive. I am using Titebond brand polyurethane multi-surface glue. The packaging indicates that it will bond to foam. The directions state that the project should be clamped, so after adhering all the pieces I put weight on all the samples and allowed them to cure overnight (1 to 4 hours is the suggested clamp time).

Immediately noticeable is how any excess glue that seep out had cured. I’ve included an image of this on the black Readi-Board sample.

The bonds on the standard Readi-Board, Adams Premium samples and Readi-Grid sample were very strong. All of the bonds separated by peeling the paper facers away from the foam, with the exception of the blue Adams Premium sample (see image).

On the No Paper sample, the foam broke where the adhesive had not been applied, the bond itself was very strong. The Readi-Erase sample was very difficult to pull apart, the dry erase facer peeled away from the foam. This was also the case for the Readi Water Resistant sample.

Overall the polyurethane adhesive was very effect. I recommend being aware of how any excess adhesive behaves and how that may affect the aesthetic of your project.

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