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Test Tuesday: Snow-Tex

In this edition of Test Tuesday, we are testing Snow-Tex by DecoArt. Snow-Tex is a faux snow texture. I used a popsicle stick to apply the Stow-Tex, using a dabbing motion as is recommended on the packaging.

Readi-Board Samples

Adams Premium

I noticed no adverse effect on any of the foam board samples tested. The texture was slightly more difficult to apply to the Readi-Erase and Readi Water Resistant samples. I was able to scrape the texture off of these samples once the Snow-Tex has dried, but it would have been perfectly fine for decorative projects that wouldn’t be handled frequently.

No Paper, Readi-Erase, Readi Water Resistant, and Readi-Grid samples.

Overall the Snow-Tex is a fun texture that would be a great addition to your winter foam board projects.

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