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Test Tuesday: Stone Texture Spray Paint

In this edition of Test Tuesday, we have tested stone textured spray paint. I am using Rust-oleum brand American Accents stone texture finish in a gray color.

I only applied one layer of the stone texture. The product’s directions recommend applying a base coat of similar color to your projects before applying the stone texture and it is obvious as to why. The base colors of the samples are all very apparent beneath the textured paint.

Left to Right: Readi-Board, Adams Premium, No Paper

I anticipated some damage to the foam, because this is a spray paint. This was not the case. The most notable effect on the standard Readi-Board and Adams Premiums samples was simply that the paper (that the paint was applied to) was slightly easier to remove than it would be typically. I did notice that the back of the black Readi-Board sample has some wrinkles in the paper. These wrinkles did not affect the strength of the paper, and didn’t affect the foam beneath it either.

Underside of black Readi-Board sample paper.

Because of the texture of the paint it was difficult to see if the foam on the No Paper sample was pitted at all. From what I could see it didn’t appear as though the paint damaged the foam beneath it. I was able to scratch off the paint (using my fingernail) on the Readi-Erase and Readi Water Resistant samples. The paint on the Readi-Erase sample was easier to remove than that on the Readi Water Resistant sample.

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