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Test Tuesday: Super Glue

In this week’s Test Tuesday we are working with super glue. I am using Instant Krazy Glue. I applied a line of glue approximately one inch long on all the samples, and allowed the samples to set for 15 minutes.

All of the standard Readi-Board samples performed the same, coming apart fairly easily. The foam beneath the paper facer was damaged very slightly. The various Adams Premium samples performed similar to one another as well. The samples were more difficult to pry apart than the Readi-Board samples. The thicker paper on the Adams Premium samples protected the foam core from the glue. The Readi-Grid sample performed the same as the Premium samples.

The No Paper sample did not bond at all, and is a good example of why I do not recommend using super glue. The glue damaged the foam severely. The Readi-Erase sample adhered about as well as the Adams Premium samples, the dry erase facer pulled apart. The Readi Water Resistant sample had a very weak bond, and you can see that some of the glue hadn’t even set.

Over all I do not recommend using super glue with foam board. The bond was not very strong on any of the samples. The glue in general is difficult to control and doesn’t offer precise application.

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