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Test Tuesday: Tacky Glue

In this week’s Test Tuesday we are going to test a crafting cult favorite, Tack Glue. The adhesive goes on white and is thicker than typical white glue. It dries clear, and in my opinion, is more flexible when dry as compared to white glue.

The bond worked well on all the standard Readi-Board, Adams Premium and Readi-Grid samples. Most often the paper facers pulled away from the foam. On occasion (as with the red Premium sample) that paper as actually damaged.

The No Paper sample bonded well. I did notice that after peeling the two halves apart, it was apparent where the glue had been applied. The Readi-Erase and the Readi Water Resistant samples offered the weakest bond using Tacky Glue. You can see in the images how the adhesive could be removed in a thin sheet. (This dried layer of adhesive was flexible and much less brittle than the layer of white glue in that previous Test Tuesday).

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