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Test Tuesday: Washable Marker

In this Test Tuesday we are going to test washable markers. I am using Crayola brand in Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Brown and Black.

The white Readi-Board and Adams boards both had bright clear marks. The only difference is a very slight amount of texture in the black mark on my Readi-Board sample. The marks were visible on both black samples, however It is more difficult to identity colors on the black Adams premium sample. Of the red and blue samples, the marker created darker marks on the Adams premium board. Naturally certain colors of maker produced better mark than others on colored foam board.

Both the no paper and the Readi-Grid samples worked well with the washable markers.

Initially the Readi Water Resistant and the Readi-Erase samples had nice marks, but dragging my finger across shows how easily the marker is removed. This isn’t surprising considering the nature of these two samples.

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