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Test Tuesday: Watercolor Pencils

In this week’s Test Tuesday we are testing watercolor pencils. I am using Crayola brand. Watercolor pencils look and apply color like regular colored pencils, but when water is applied over the lead the color will begin to run and bleed like watercolor paints.

I’ve included images of all the samples with the initial pencil coloring, this gives you an idea of how the pencils applied and how they looked prior to adding water. Even at this step it was obvious that this medium was not going to perform well on the No Paper, Readi-Erase, and Water Resistant samples.

The standard Readi-Board and Adams Premium samples produced very similar results. The watered-down pencil seemed to settle on the surface of the black Adams Premium sample slightly more than the black Readi-Board sample.

Interestingly the watercolor pencil brought out the grid lines on the Readi-Grid sample. The No Paper, Readi-Erase and Water Resistant samples produced lack-luster results. This is no surprise seeing as we are using a water based medium. After the water had evaporated from the colored spots on the Readi-Erase and Water Resistant pieces, I could simply wipe away the colored pigment that was left behind.

Overall watercolor pencils are a fun medium to work with. They are best suited for the white or lighter colored foam board, but do still create marks on our darker foam board.

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